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Dr Rana Al-Falaki has had over twenty years’ experience as a world leader in her field, establishing and growing a successful multi-award winning business, is a pioneering researcher, writer, international speaker and trainer, and at the same time a mother of three and friend to many.

She manages to balance it all with an underlying belief that everything you do in life should have purpose, be fun, and that by being conscious, you give yourself choice and the ability to create whatever it is you want. Engaging with people on an energetic level is her passion, which she does with her friends, her children, her family and in her work. She loves being a both a teacher and a student to anyone she meets.

She had redirected her expertise from the field of physical health to a more holistic one of self-mastery and empowerment, using techniques that shift energy to help us heal and manifest a life with no need for compromise or settling. She is a core-energy certified professional coach, an energy leadership master practitioner, a Rahanni healer, a regional vice president for Crowned 4 Success and Boss Ladies Mindset - the largest and fastest growing female empowerment network on social media, and founder of Light Changes Coaching

Rana Al-Falaki

Hi! I'm Rana Al-Falaki, your ray of light!

I believe in balance in life. I myself have struggled for over 30 years to find it, excelling in my career, but never having balance with my relationships, my health, or my financial status.

I would want for things, but not know how to get them and was in a constant cycle of repeating the same patterns and not getting to where I wanted to be.

I was an outsider looking in at the story I wanted to create but didn't know how to step into that life.

Having done it the hard way, I want to help you find an easierfaster, more enjoyable and practical way to do it!

This is why I have created an academy for online courses to help you go a step further beyond my best-selling book, to an action-based environment where you can step into the life you want and join me in my philosophy that we do not need to settle in life, we are all leaders, compromise is over-rated, and balance and fun truly are possible!

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